Nantes, Impasse Sainte Pélagie, Family B.

Impasse Sainte-Pélagie, district

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Television available

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


The host family:

Marianne is a 45 year-old nurse with 3 kids:
Paul (1995), Cécile (1998) and Jean (1999), but only Jean still lives at home.

Paul is a saxophone player, which is why music is very important to the family.
They also love biking, playing basketball, soccer or even tennis in the park next to their house.

They have 2 very nice cats called Bertille and Lenny.

The house:

Their house is in a very calm neighborhood and is located in the center of Nantes.

The house has 2 rooms available, each one has a bed, a cupboard, a bedside table and a small bookcase.
There is one bathroom for both rooms.


Public transport nearby:

  • Tramway stop: 2 minutes by foot
  • Bus stop: 3 minutes by foot


For confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish pictures of the family or the propertyt. If you are interested in the family, we can send you photos once contact has been established. 

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