Nantes, Avenue d’Asses, Family D.B.

Avenue d'Assas, district

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


The host family:

Olivier is a 48 year old technical director married to Laetitia, who is a 45 year old dance teacher and a family therapist.

They have 5 children, but only 2 of them still live at home.

This family enjoys dancing, sewing, gardening and going to the mountains.

They have a rabbit.


The house:

The family lives in a big 6 bedroom house, in a very calm neighborhood, with easy access to the city center.

There are two rooms available:

  • Room 1 is equipped with a single bed (in a mezzanine), a desk, a closet and shelves.
  • Room 2 is equipped with a single bed, a closet and shelves.


Public transport nearby:

  • Bus lines: direct to go to the center


For confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish pictures of the family or the property. If you are interested in the family, we can send you photos once contact has been established. 

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